Usually, you think of doctors, lawyers, and CEOs when you think of six-figure salaries. However, if you’re looking for a high-paying job that’s outside of the traditional medical, legal, and business executive realms, there are a number of nifty opportunities that might not come to mind immediately. Below is a list of five surprising jobs with six-figure salaries.

4Loan officer

The top 10% of loan officers make over $110,000 every year, which makes sense when you consider the large amounts of money for which loan officers are responsible.

. Personal trainers. The top 10% of personal trainers earn more than $100,000 per year, despite the fact that personal trainers are usually paid hourly. The median salary is $54,200, and those who command the highest salaries usually have a college degree and years of experience.

3Makeup artist

The top 10% of makeup artists earn a shocking $102,450 a year! Maybe all those times you got into your mother’s makeup when you were a kid will finally pay off! The mean salary for a makeup artist is still a comfortable $50,000. Generally, the highest paying makeup artist jobs are in Hollywood and theater production.

2Casino manager

The average annual salary for a casino manager is $73,940, but the top 10% make $116,070. Although many casino jobs are low paying, casino managers are paid handsomely. The bulk of job openings are – obviously – in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, but there are also jobs to be had in other areas, such as Pennsylvania and California.

1Elevator mechanic

Given the possibility of terrifying crashes and injuries in the event of improperly functioning elevators, it makes sense that elevator mechanics would be highly paid. The top 10% make over $109,000, but even the average elevator mechanic pulls in a healthy $72,900 every year.