Dermatologists Say Bathing In LA Tap Water May Cause Of Premature Hair And Skin Issues

Los Angeles, CA – Do you really know how clean LA tap water is? What if I told you it not only contains copper, aluminum, chlorine, fluoride and other bacteria, but it also contains traces of pharmaceutical drugs LA residents pee out that don’t get fully filtered out of our tap water by LAWDP?

Pretty disgusting right? I think it’s safe to say you wouldn’t drink that water without filtering it, so why are you showering in it without filtering it? Your skin is your largest organ and in warm water when your pours open up you’re soaking up water with these harsh chemicals. It’s no wonder we have skin or hair issues we can’t quite figure out.

This makes total sense as most people refuse to drink anything that hasn’t been bottled or filtered. In fact, a recent poll showed that 97% of people choose bottled/filtered water over a glass of tap.

It’s no surprise that millions of people are investing in their health and spending money on water filters, bottled water, and expensive water delivery services. These devices are great, but they completely miss one giant problem. The water coming from our showers!

People forget that they are bathing in the very same unfiltered water they refuse to drink. Crazy right? “But I don’t drink my shower water”, you might say. Sadly, most people don’t realize that our skin absorbs a lot more than we think. Two-thirds of the harmful chlorine exposure actually comes from showering. … A warm shower opens pores and allows a high rate of absorption.Not only is our skin absorbing chlorine every day, but harmful metals and other bacteria.

Studies are now saying that unfiltered water can cause aging, dry skin, dry scalp, and irritates existing skin conditions.

Finally, there is now a way to fix this widespread problem.

A new device, developed by a hydro-engineer has already changed the way millions shower.

What Is It?

The device is called ShowerSafe. It’s an extremely powerful filter that removes harmful chemicals, metals and bacteria from any shower.

Using military-grade technology, and a sleek design, the ShowerSafe is one of the most powerful filters on the market today. Unlike competitors, it uses a patented 10-Stage Filtration System. Filtering out 70% more contaminants than other brands.

How Does It Work?

ShowerSafe was designed to work with any shower. The ShowerSafe team used a universal size that fits American sized shower pipes. The installation process couldn’t be easier . Simply remove your shower head, screw on the ShowerSafe filter, then reattach your shower head. Within 2 minutes you can turn any shower into a pure water oasis (free from metals and other chemicals).

We Tried It Out For Ourselves… Here’s What Happened

Kristin Murphy, our Lead Editor, always complained about her shower smelling funny. She also mentioned that her water dried out her skin. Let’s see how her test goes after using ShowerSafe.

How Much Does It Cost?

You may be thinking, a device like this must be really expensive, right? Wrong! The ShowerSafe is currently on sale at the moment for only $39. This is a no brainer for anyone wanting cleaner water every day.

Where Can You Buy Them?

The easiest way to secure a device is by ordering directly through their website. Unfortunately, ShowerSafe is difficult to keep in stock, and sells out quickly. If you want to purify your shower and reverse damage you need to act now.